Gretchen Johnson, Founder, Owner

Learner, Context, Connectedness, Intellection, Belief

I tend to be a little obsessed with learning. About people. About ideas. About how certain things came to be. How disparate ideas or trends are connected. There’s almost always a common thread. Figuring that out, connecting the dots… It makes sense for me. Brings order. And then I’m able to help others understand why it matters…

Community Involvement

Leadership Kalamazoo, PEAK, Smartshop Metal Arts Collective Board of Directors, InterCom Board of Directors, Junior Achievement

Frequent Partners

I work with an extensive network of professional printers, artists, photographers and other suppliers. This ensures turnkey services to meet both your budget and schedule needs. They include:

Aspire Collaborative Services - Executive Coaching and
Leadership Development

BeyondWords, Inc. - Communications Strategy, Writing,
Editing and Training

Midwest Consulting Group - Organizational and Management

Development and Training

The Poffenburger Group - Internet Solutions and Services



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