A view from the client's perspective

I founded WordPlay Marketing Communications in 2003 to fill a gap in organizational marketing and communication. During my more than 25 years on the client-side of the desk, I found very few suppliers that understood my challenges. Resource constraints like never enough time or money. Organizational challenges like satisfying a plethora of internal and external customer demands. I wanted someone to help me solve a problem, not sell me their solution. WordPlay was created to meet client needs. When, where and how each client defines them.

Goal oriented

Whether you're trying to sell a product, garner support, raise money or elicit votes, you must connect, engage and inspire action. My experience is broad and includes a range of marketing, channel support, public relations and communications roles in healthcare, economic development, industrial manufacturing and the biosciences. This has enabled me to bring an equally broad range of solutions to the table. My hands-on approach to project management — and my personal attention to every project — ensures results that move your message forward.

Creating content that stands above the noise

Marketing guru Tom Peters says the opportunities for individuals and organizations today are as limitless as they were in The Great Industrial Age, when the world was open and available to those who were creative, adventuresome and willing to work hard. That may be true, but today, getting noticed, being believed, valued and compensated for your work is a lot harder. Effective communication has never been more vital to an organization’s success. This is my talent, my passion, and my life’s work. I’d love an opportunity to help tell your story. To get started, contact me at 269.377.8069.


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