Nonprofit Communications

When a metal arts school was looking to expand its programming and donor reach, I helped them understand how their roots were steeped in the blue collar heritage of our cool city. The connectivity to a greater vision for both stakeholders and the community at large was a story that got people excited. Within a short time they’d secured funding to help them expand their marketing and outreach.


When you can meet your own business objectives and serve a greater cause, it’s a beautiful thing…An executive search firm had two objectives: build a strong candidate pipeline and demonstrate their passion and commitment to their clients’ objectives. We created separate communications programs for each audience. The first not only built strong relationships but also served to cultivate the types of high quality talent companies demand. The second served to bring critical challenges to the table for discussion, while highlighting available resources. The result was a win for everyone – my client, their clients, candidates looking to stay or relocate to the region, plus the added bonus of contributing to a stronger regional economy.

Employee Communications

 The medical device manufacturer I worked for pulled the plug on an experimental division and absorbed the fledgling company back into the corporate fold. It was a market correction that forced the change, but that was a hard concept for employees. Moral was rock bottom. To shift focus from the day-to-day challenges of the reorg, we drew on our successful past. We created a three-dimensional timeline to highlight our legacy of innovation. And we placed it on the shop floor for everyone to see. Then we introduced a series of media – video, print and online – to remind everyone of how our cool products had consistently transformed the delivery of healthcare. With this shared purpose as our foundation, we were able to make a successful transition and regain our position as a top global manufacturer.

Global Branding

When the business I worked for bought a consortium of companies in Europe, we were faced with the challenge of introducing a new corporate entity to our stakeholders. Getting the message out to buyers was relatively straight forward – convincing employees from transnational subsidiaries that we could be more successful together was the real challenge.  We developed a series of vehicles that would continuously pump out new information. An online employee web site, cafeteria postings, letters to employees... All this was designed to do two things: 1) bring everyone up to speed quickly about the new corporate presence and all that entailed and, 2) communicate with confidence a vision of wholeness and synergy.


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